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Replacement for K line Under Voltage Release
So what is this strange part called an Under Voltage Release for a circuit breaker? And what does an undervoltage do? We're glad you asked.
What is a K line 4 Stage Auxiliary Switch?
Auxiliary switches for circuit breakers and switchgear remotely indicate if the circuit breaker is closed or open [...]
What is a K 600S Current Transformer Part Replacement?
K 600S Current Transformer (CT). This part from our electrical parts inventory measures the current of other circuits.. [...]
Looking for GE WavePro Breaker Replacement Parts?
We play this parts guessing game to have some fun while building your knowledge of electrical parts for switchgear and circuit breakers. [...]
Switchgear repair, test, replace
What is a Shunt Trip Device and how does it work in a circuit breaker? [...]
Switchgear Protection and Dashpot Trips for Circuit Protection
This one is an ITE/Siemens KB Dashpot for Switchgear. Dashpots on switchgear allow the overload [...]
Undervoltage Release for ITE KB Breaker Repair and Maintenance
Here we show you a UVR for and ITE KB style breaker. Known as an Under-voltage Release.
Insulated Case Circuit Breaker Repair and Testing
Here we show you a typical piston-type hydraulic actuator which includes a cylinder, hydraulic supply and return line, and stem, piston and spring.
What is an ITE Dashpot Trip Device for Low Voltage Breaker?
What is an ITE Dashpot Trip Device for Low Voltage Breaker? And what does it look like?

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