November 14, 2022 by Cody Whisenhunt, President, BCS Switchgear

UVR for and ITE KB Breaker Repair and Maintenance Service

Here we show you a UVR for and ITE KB style breaker. Known as an Undervoltage Release, it monitors a voltage to trip a circuit breaker when the voltage at the wire leads reaches between 70 and 35 percent of the solenoid coil rating. The Voltage Release includes a constant rated solenoid with a plunger and trip lever.

When it’s time to upgrade or replace your UVR Under-voltage device, BCS Switchgear and breaker service helps you sustain your existing IITE KB style breakers by upgrading active components matching current technologies.

Services we provide:
✔ Reconditioning
✔ Rebuild
✔ Remanufacturing

Electrical Equipment upgrades reduce electrical energy consumption while lessening the environmental impact of discarded equipment. BCS offers switchgear and circuit breaker services for electrical systems dating back to the 1940s. With locations in Texas and Virginia, BCS’s service area spans the entire country.