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Leadership Team

Ariadna Greer
Accounting: Ariadna looks out for the financial health of our company by managing our accounts and financial records.

Her role includes maintaining accurate billing and timely payments, which directly impacts our electrical customer satisfaction with smooth and reliable financial transactions.
Bill Hill
Switchgear Sales: Bill is dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional switchgear solutions, tailoring his sales approach to meet switchgear power needs.

He focuses on customers receiving reliable, safe high-performance power gear that meets their operational needs.
Buddy Wilson
VP, Sales Buddy leads our sales team specializing in circuit breakers and parts, driving strategic sales initiatives to meet and exceed sales targets.

He sees that customers receive top-quality products and expert advice, helping them find the best electrical power distribution solutions for projects.
Cody Whisenhunt
CEO: Cody oversees the strategic direction and overall operations of the company, so BCS delivers exceptional products and services.

His leadership is key to fostering a customer-centric culture, driving innovation, and maintaining high standards of quality and reliability.
Jackie Ramon
Accounting Assistant: Jackie supports our accounting team by handling essential administrative tasks and maintaining accurate financial records.

She helps provide customers with clear, accurate invoices and efficient service, improving their overall experience with us.
Miguel Flores
Switchgear Sales: Miguel focuses on connecting customers with the best switchgear products, leveraging his extensive knowledge to address their unique power requirements.

His commitment to customer satisfaction sees they receive optimal solutions that enhance their electrical systems.
Robert Grant
Switchgear Foreman: Robert supervises the production and quality control of our switchgear products, making sure each unit meets stringent standards.

His oversight ensures customers receive durable and dependable switchgear, enhancing the safety and efficiency of their operations.
Michael Hydock
Shop foreman: Michael manages the day-to-day operations of our shop, seeing that all products are manufactured and maintained to the highest standards.

His role is vital in guaranteeing that customers receive top-quality, reliable power products that meet their specifications.
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