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Flexible electrical panelboard power distribution systems allowing dependable power management and control in every kind of industrial and commercial settings.

Preassembled Power Panelboards for immediate installation and field-modifiable panel designs to simplify installation and servicing and enhance energy efficiency.


Electrical Power Distribution Panelboards
In Stock, Ready to Ship

Pre-Assembled and Modifiable Designs for Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Panelboard designs can be modified on site or come pre-assembled for easy installation.

Ready to Ship

Quickly and efficiently install these readily available panelboards from our inventory.

Flexible Solution

Easy top/bottom feed changes, single-tool installation and plug-in breakers flexibility

Endless Applications

Emergency situations, property damage, EV, data centers, renovations, expansions

Custom Switchgear Design and Manufacturing

About BCS Switchgear

When it’s time to upgrade or replace power distribution panelboards and electrical switchboards, BCS Switchgear Modernization Solutions help you sustain your existing line-up by upgrading switchboard components matching current technologies.

Retrofitting and Reconditioning switchgear extends the life expectancy of current assets up to 30 years, depending on the switchgear’s condition. A benefit of electrical power distribution equipment reconditioning is fast turnaround because the service is straightforward with shorter lead times. Just a couple days in some cases.

We stock 1,000’s of power distribution parts, so we can have your switchboard and switchgear repaired and tested back to you quickly. Our electrical replacement parts inventory includes components for obsolete gear as well as modern equipment.

Power Distribution Panelboard Buyer Installation Guide

Get a Faster Power Panelboard Solution

Why wait for the Manufacturer? We can turn the job around faster without the long lead time for power distribution panelboards..

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