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Square D NW-3000 Amp Masterpact Repair and Reconditioning
We repair, recondition and sell replacement parts for this Square D NW-3000 Switchgear.
Powercon 5 To 38kV Load Break Interrupter Switches
5 kV Powercon switch we've reconditioned including A NEMA 3R.Powercon
Troubleshooting and Parts Replacement of NEMA 3R DS Electrical Equipment
NEMA 3R enclosures can be used outdoors for wiring and junction boxes.
NEMA 3R Enclosed Switchgear: Rebuilds and Repair
NEMA 3R Enclosed gear is protected indoor/outdoor from rain, moisture and dust. A drain hole disperses water entering the enclosure.
How to Repair a Square D DS Circuit Breaker
Westinghouse DS circuit breakers are for use in metal enclosed LV (low-voltage) switchgear up to 600 Volts AC. They include short time rating, allowing the breaker closest to the fault to trip.
Replacing Low Voltage Switchgear and Breaker Electrical Parts
Cost of spare parts for existing old switchgear is expensive. And the production cost of an unscheduled outage and the cost of temporary power during repairs is also a consideration.
Siemens RL circuit breakers are for low voltage type R switchgear. RL low voltage power circuit breakers are designed for up to 600 V service. These Low-voltage replacement circuit breakers provide a cost-effective way to upgrade.
GE AKD 10 WavePro for Switchgear Breaker Short Circuits
WavePro circuit breakers for switchgear designed for short circuits. For power systems ranging 208V to 600V,current ratings 800AMP to 5000AMP. Interrupt ratings from 30kA to 200kA.
GE Magnablast Receptacle, (racking motor plug)
Know this Part? It's a GE Magnablast cell side receptacle for a Magnablast lifting motor. Also known as racking motor plug for General Electric Magnablast switchgear. Reliable control and protection of electrical apparatus and power systems.

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