Power Transformer Testing, Assebmly, Repair, Maintenance and Rental

Power Transformer Care and Handling

Before Renting a Power Transformer, your gear receives preventative maintenance for reliability and safety.
Our transformer testing procedures for receiving, assembly, processing and testing transformers extend the electrical life of this essential piece of electrical equipment.

Power Transformer Testing Standards

Transformer technicians will be on your site to assist with monitoring, planning, and rolling out testing and maintenance routines and procedures. This way you can schedule power equipment acceptance testing and maintenance tests. We’ll help you prevent unplanned service interruptions and overhauls. When repairs are needed, our regional facilities are staffed to perform the repairs and get you back online.

Consider Renting Power Transformers

Can Renting Power Transformers really save time and money? Renting switchgear and power equipment is a popular option for many BCS customers. The reasons include: Less maintenance and repair costs; Solves equipment storage issues; Avoids logistical delays.

Power Transformer Renewal Parts

Aging equipment will need switchgear and breaker parts. You can save money on refurbished components for legacy transformers. Your transformer will get repair and maintenance to return power gear to like-new with quality replacement parts meeting or exceeding original manufacturer specs. Services include major repairs, assembly, vacuum fill, oil processing Sample Analysis and electrical testing.


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Our Product is Service

We chose this team because it meets our standards. This means our production facility has the resources and training to modify or repair your gear so it’s working to OEM specifications.

You have immediate access to obsolete parts for most manufactures from the 1940s to present day production breakers.  Recondition, Rebuild, Replace, Upgrade or Repair Switchgear.

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