January 9, 2023 by Cody Whisenhunt, President, BCS Switchgear

Looking for GE WavePro Breaker Replacement Parts?

We play this parts guessing game to have some fun while building your knowledge of electrical parts for switchgear and circuit breakers.

Take for example GE WavePro circuit breakers… they’re Low Voltage breakers. They include AK type breakers like used in AKD-10 Switchgear. They’re built to ANSI standards for severe duty like constant switching repetition found in motor starting, power correction, control demand and load shedding.

WavePro circuit breakers provide full selectivity for your protective devices. With bus sizing based on temperature rise instead of current density found some switchboards. We have GE Wavepro and PowerBrake parts in stock.

You may be familiar with AKD-10 switchgear features:

• 600 Vac
• 5000 Amps ac
• 50/60 Hz
• 2200 Vac RMS dielectric
• 200 kA symmetrical short circuit

When it’s time to upgrade or replace aging equipment, BCS Switchgear Modernization Solutions help you sustain your existing line-up by upgrading active components matching current technologies.

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