November 7, 2018 by Cody Whisenhunt, President, BCS Switchgear

Circuit Breakers and Switchgear

African Refinery Avoids Electrical Downtime with Quick U.S. Support

Africa relies heavily on the Middle East for oil supply. So when a refinery in Africa needed us to quickly replace their electrical switchgear, we were eager to help them avoid any disruption in their own fuel processing capabilities.

BCS provided Westinghouse, WFS Switch, Fusible indoor 5kv 1200amp switches. The customer was in a hurry and didn’t want to wait on new equipment with a long lead time from the manufacturer. We replaced their older gear and added some new circuits in the process. The WFS Fusible Switch lineup combines fuses in single enclosures, providing an easy way to manually open and close the circuit while the fuses protect against overcurrent.

Refineries in South Africa rely on U.S. companies for electrical power distribution expertise to avoid downtime.

Basically, the metal enclosed load interrupter Switchgear is an integrated assembly of switches, buses and fuses coordinated electrically and mechanically for circuit protection.

For Customers needing to replace hard-to-find obsolete switchgear and parts, going offline is not an option. This customer didn’t have any downtime on exchanging and adding new circuits to their system because we had the parts in stock. Customers benefit from increased production, reduced or eliminated downtime, significant cost savings and technical expertise including emergency service 24/7.

Our team can be reached at 888.599.0486 for reconditioning, repairing or replacing your switchgear lineup.

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