November 2, 2018 by Cody Whisenhunt, President, BCS Switchgear

American Electric Power Substation Stays Online

American Electric Power (AEP) serves nearly 5.4 million customers in 11 states. The company needed to replace hard-to-find obsolete circuit breakers that protect substation distributing power. So going offline was not an option. But AEP didn’t have any down time on exchanging and adding new circuits to their system because BCS Switchgear had the older obsolete breakers in stock.

BCS Switchgear provided AEP with newly rebuilt circuit breakers that were retrofitted and warrantied the breakers for one year. Technically speaking — the obsolete circuit breakers are Siemens Allis Low Voltage breakers, model LA-800A — putting out 800amps and 600volts. The Siemens circuit breaker was also retrofitted with a new electrical relay known as an AC pro kit. This relay kit reduces the current flowing through the system.

BCS Switchgear is an industry leader in new and obsolete electrical control and distribution equipment. Customers benefit from increased production, reduced or eliminated downtime, significant cost savings and technical expertise including emergency service 24/7.

According to BCS President, Cory Whisenhunt, “BCS  keeps downtime to a minimum for all types of power and distribution equipment including all types of circuit breakers and switchgear. The training and experience of our technicians is our greatest asset.”

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