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Electrical Switchboard Manufacturing Services

Switchgear Supplier Opens Facility for Custom Electrical Switchboards

switchboard manufacturing facility

Electrical Switchboard Supply, One Connection at a Time

[Pilot Point, TX, March 29, 2024] – BCS Switchgear announces the inauguration of its switchboard manufacturing facility in Pilot Point, TX, dedicated to providing electrical switchboards tailored to meet the standards of Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

BCS Switchgear’s commitment to excellence in electrical solutions shows through its following of UL-891 standards, so that each switchboard manufactured meets the highest industry benchmarks for safety and performance.

Switchboard and Switchgear Solutions

“Our new facility in Pilot Point underscores our dedication to delivering premium quality electrical switchboards that exceed customer expectations,” said Bill Hill, Switchgear Production Manager at BCS Switchgear. “We prioritize understanding our clients’ unique needs to come up with solutions that not only meet but surpass their requirements.”

At BCS Switchgear, client collaboration is at the heart of  design process. The team engages in comprehensive discussions with customers to ascertain their specific objectives. By listening to clients’ goals, BCS Switchgear can customize switchboard designs to optimize functionality and reliability within their particular applications

Switchboard Construction and Electrical Safety

“Ensuring the reliability and safety of our switchboards in diverse environments is paramount,” added Hill. “Through attention to construction, material selection, and environmental considerations, we guarantee that our products withstand the most demanding conditions while upholding strict safety protocols.”

BCS Switchgear invites prospective clients to visit the Pilot Point facility to explore firsthand the innovative solutions and electrical craftsmanship that defines its electrical switchboards.

Contact BCS to schedule a consultation and see the quality and performance of BCS Switchgear’s custom-manufactured solutions.

Before choosing a custom electrical switchboard manufacturer, ask them about issues like safety compliance, construction methods, installation and maintenance.


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