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Crude Oil Pumping Station Motor Control Centers

SIEMENS E-House Motor Control Center Build or Upgrade

Trans Canada US Crude Oil Pumping Station

Siemens E-House Low Voltage and Medium Voltage MCC

About this Project

This Siemens Electrical House Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Motor Control Center is used in crude oil pumping stations in a crude oil pipeline. BCS Switchgear assembles and tests motors, variable-speed drive systems, switchgear, contactors and also carries a large electrical spare parts inventory to support the work done to oil pipeline control systems. 

TransCanada E-House (Electrical House) Oil Pumping stations are typically located about every 50 miles along the oil pipeline. It takes more than 30 pumping stations to get oil from Canada to the Gulf Coast.

Medium Voltage Motor Control Center
Volts: 6900V
Phase 3
Hertz 60Hz
Enclosure Type NEMA 1
3000 Amps Continuous
50K Amps RMS
570 MVA

Motor Control Centers provide adjustable oil pumping speeds for regulating pump station pressure and flow in the oil pipeline for different crude oil grades.

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These E-House (Electrical House) crude oil pumping stations are scalable systems programmed for expansion by adding modules, if needed. Motors started with variable speed drives (VSDs) need smooth acceleration to reduce fluid pressure pulsations.  Pumps regulate flow with varying pressures as oil moves through the lines.

BCS also rebuilds and reconditions switchgear. BCS Switchgear Modernization Solutions help you sustain your existing line-up by upgrading active components matching current technologies.

Retrofitting and Reconditioning switchgear extends the life expectancy of current assets up to 30 years, depending on the switchgear’s condition. A benefit of reconditioning is fast turnaround because the service is straightforward with shorter lead times. Just a couple days in some cases.


Motor Control Centers for Crude Oil Pumping Stations -- Ready to Ship!