October 8, 2018 by Cody Whisenhunt, President, BCS Switchgear

General Electric AKD-8 Indoor 480 volt switchgear

GE AKD-8 Breaker Replacement

General Electric AKD-8 Indoor 480 volt switchgear


When blow-ups and fire destroy electrical equipment, complete replacement is the only option. Here GE Switchgear from a paper mill customer was destroyed by an electrical fire. BCS restores equipment “like it never event happened”.

Retrofitting and Reconditioning switchgear extends the life expectancy of current assets up to 30 years, depending on the switchgear’s condition. A benefit of reconditioning is fast turnaround because the service is straightforward with shorter lead times. Just a couple days in some cases.

We do this by adding the following:

✔Solid state retrofit kits
✔New Relays to replace older Mechanical type
✔Retrofitting Modern Insulated cast breakers into your old switchgear

The first step is to contact BCS for a free quote. Our electrical experts can answer questions you have about power equipment and the switchgear industry in general.

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