services-1BCS Switchgear offers a wide variety of services for all of your general and field service needs. We repair and service all industrial and commercial circuit breakers, no matter what type or age.


At BCS Switchgear, we are committed to providing nationwide quality repair services and high quality new and reconditioned switchgear, including reconditioned circuit breakers, at competitive prices. When you buy switchgear from BCS, you receive a one year warranty on all parts and reconditioned switchgear you purchase. Thousands of our parts are in stock and available to ship—contact us today!

If you need to sell old or used switchgear, we will offer you a competitive price. Sell us your used substations, power transformers, circuit breakers, contactors and any other switchgear parts no longer needed. Contact us for more information on selling your used switchgear.

BCS Switchgear brings expert electrical knowledge to our nationwide switchgear repair services. Send your low or medium voltage switchgear to our facility where we will repair, rebuild and retrofit your old circuit breakers, and switchgear lineups.

If you need on-site field repair services, please contact us today. We’ve partnered with NPD to offer you a complete line of repair services.


Need to update your old circuit breakers? Save money with our retrofit and rebuild services. Rather than replacing your older parts, our technicians will retrofit your old circuit breakers to work with the latest technology, solid state devices and vacuum interrupters.

Our retrofitting services save you hundreds on new parts and installation costs. Most importantly, your switchgear experiences less down time. If you need to have your substations, dry-type transformers and power transformers running as soon as possible, retrofitting is the solution you are looking for.


BCS has an interest in the future of the industry, providing customers with equipment at a price they can’t find anywhere else. Buy used and reconditioned high-voltage or low-voltage switchgear to test your knowledge, and sell it back to BCS when you’re done!

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