What is Metal Clad Switchgear?
Protect your Electrical Equipment from Moisture, Dust and Corrosion

Reducing Risk of Electrical Failures in Circuit Breakers

Metal Clad Switchgear for Safety, Reliability in Electrical Distribution

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Cody here again to explain an electrical word you’ve probably heard a lot… Metal-Clad Switchgear. So what makes it so special when it comes to electrical distribution?

Well, it’s a type of electrical gear enclosed in a sturdy metal casing that protects it from dust and moisture that can corrode your equipment. And this also keeps the equipment and people safe.

┬áMetal-clad switchgear can be customized and expanded easily as your needs change. It’s also compartmentalized, so different parts are separated by barriers, which is great for safety and isolating electrical faults.

It has circuit breakers or switches that allow you to isolate and de-energize specific circuits for maintenance without affecting the rest of the system. Some newer types even have remote monitoring and communication features for easy control.

Metal-clad switchgear is reliable and durable, reducing the risk of failures and downtime. It’s super safe too, with an enclosed design and arc fault containment. Plus, it’s space-efficient and easy to maintain thanks to its modular construction.

It’s built to last, so you won’t have to replace it frequently. It’s also flexible, meeting industry standards and regulations. And it helps improve power quality while reducing the risk of fires and other hazards.

Sounds like a pretty impressive piece of equipment for electrical distribution! It’s a go-to choice for many applications, thanks to all these features and benefits.

We even have a video in our Parts Guessing Game that includes some metal-clad gear. Check it out and try to guess that part. We’ll give you a moment to think about it during the video.

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