Lightning Arresters
Is Your Switchgear Safe from Electrical Storms?

What is a Lightning Arrestor and How Does One Work?

Lightning Arresters Protect Your Circuit Breakers and Switchgear

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Have you ever heard of a lightning arrester? It’s a superhero device for electrical systems, particularly switchgear.

Consider this: lightning hits and may wreak havoc on electrical systems by dumping massive amounts of power and current. That’s bad news; we’re talking about equipment damage, fire hazards, and the dreaded downtime.

Our hero, the lightning arrester, has arrived! Consider it a barrier against the mayhem of lightning. When lightning says “Hi!” with its super-high voltage, the arrester intervenes. What is its role? Allowing lightning to take a shortcut to the ground.

Metal oxide varistors (or MOVs for short) are cool parts inside the arrester. When the voltage climbs through the ceiling, the resistance of these MOVs drops dramatically. When this occurs, the lightning surge follows this easy path to the earth, keeping it away from sensitive portions.

The arrester prevents things from going haywire by using this approach. There will be no more electrical meltdowns, insulation meltdowns, or equipment failures. This allows the switchgear to live a longer, happier life while avoiding costly downtime and repairs.

And don’t forget about the arrester. Regular check-ups are required. Bottom line: a lightning arrester for switchgear is like an electrical system’s guardian angel. It protects them from lightning’s rage, channels the insane energy away from the delicate portions, and sends it safely into the ground. It’s all about staying strong and stable even when Mother Nature throws a wild lightening party.

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