March 3, 2023 by Cody Whisenhunt, President, BCS Switchgear

Replacing or Upgrading a Federal Pacific DST Magnetic Air Circuit Breaker?

You may be familiar with Federal Pacific DST Magnetic Air Circuit Breakers. We see DST Breaker Series dating back to the early 1980’s. And if you need parts for Federal Pacific circuit breakers, you’re in luck. You’ll need them cleaned and tested or reconditioned.

The DST magnetic air circuit breaker is electrically operated, horizontal drawout, 3 pole, for indoor and outdoor metal-clad switchgear. Component parts are mounted on welded steel frame with wheels. It has insulated interphase barriers, and a steel grounded front barrier for electrical safety.

Primary disconnecting contacts carry the load, and secondary disconnect contacts carry control circuits. These magnetic air circuit breakers are precision built, factory adjusted and tested for NEMA compliance.

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