2000 kVA Tranformers
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electrical isolation, protecting sensitive equipment from power disturbances and surges

2000 kVA Transformers: Medium-to-High Capacity for Switchgear Protection

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A 2000 kVA (kilovolt-ampere) transformer converts power between voltage levels. The term “kVA” refers to the transformer’s apparent power rating, which combines the effects of voltage and current.

Transformers of this type are employed in transmission and distribution networks, industrial and commercial structures, and large-scale facilities. A 2000 kVA transformer has a medium-to-high capacity.

They increase or decrease the voltage of electrical energy. Transformers with a capacity of 2000 kVA handle high voltage inputs and convert them to lower voltage outputs. As a result, they are ideal for transmitting electricity over long distances, decreasing transmission losses, and supplying power to a variety of loads.


The primary winding and secondary winding are the two main components. The primary winding is connected to the voltage source at the input, while the secondary winding is connected to the load at the output. These windings are wrapped around a laminated iron core, which offers a low-reluctance channel for the alternating current’s magnetic flux.

The transformer’s power rating, in this case 2000 kVA, specifies the highest amount of power it can take. A 2000 kVA transformer allows for efficient power transmission by increasing voltage for long-distance transmission and lowering losses during transportation. Second, it offers voltage transformation to meet the needs of various types of loads, ensuring effective power delivery. Finally, it provides electrical isolation, shielding sensitive equipment from power surges and disturbances.

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