Testing Low Voltage Circuit Breakers

Low Voltage Circuit Breaker Testing and Inspection

1.0   INITIAL TEST AND INSPECTIONS 1.1      REQUIRED PROJECT PROCEDURES The tech should start the job by reviewing the Work Order and then completing the Planning Work Sheet with the work leader or supervisor. The tech should post the Work Order with supporting technical information, a Process Control Form, and a Material Transfer Form at his/her

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Testing Low Voltage Switchgear

Methods for Testing Low Voltage Circuit Breakers

5.0   TESTING 5.1      LOW VOLTAGE CIRCUIT BREAKER TEST DATA SHEET A Low Voltage Circuit Breaker Data Sheet should be filled out on every rebuilt circuit breaker. Test Data Sheets need to be completely filled out, and in particular circuit breaker name plate data, job number, curve specs, test results, date and technician name. If a

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Replace or Keep Your Existing Switchgear?

by Jim Hardy, BCS Switchgear, Inc.   “When customers talk to us about replacing their existing switchgear, they are looking for an economic basis for making a decision to keep their existing switchgear vs. replacing it.”   Replacing Switchgear The major concerns engineers and management have are based on safety, reliability and costs. Most companies

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